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Vertical Hexa Picket Grip-Clip


Vertical Hexa Picket Grip-Clip


Product Description:

Experience unmatched safety and efficiency! The benefits of mounting your pickets using Poly Picket Grip-Clips inside your fire apparatus:

Quick Access: Mounting Poly Picket Grip-Clips inside the fire apparatus ensures immediate access to essential equipment. Firefighters can grab pickets swiftly, streamlining the response process during critical moments.

Space Optimization: Fire apparatuses often have limited storage space. By mounting these Grip-Clips, you free up valuable storage areas for other critical equipment, maximizing the vehicle’s capacity and readiness. These pickets come in an array ranging from 1 clip all the way to 6, allowing them to fit in your unique and specific space.

Reduced Clutter: By securely organizing pickets inside the apparatus, you eliminate the risk of loose items rolling around and becoming hazards during emergency responses. This minimizes distractions and keeps the vehicle interior neat and orderly.

Enhanced Safety: Loose pickets in the apparatus can pose safety risks during sudden stops or bumpy rides. Mounting the Grip-Clips inside ensures that pickets remain firmly in place, preventing potential injuries to firefighters and damage to equipment.

Durability and Protection: Inside the apparatus, Poly Picket Grip-Clips shield pickets from external elements like water, debris, and extreme temperatures. This protection helps maintain the pickets’ integrity, ensuring they are in optimal condition when needed.

Quick Inventory Check: The mounted Grip-Clips enable a visual inventory of pickets at a glance. This simple yet effective system allows firefighters to ensure all essential tools are readily available before arriving at the scene.

Familiarity: Having a clear and concise spot for your tools is imperative. During high-stress situations, easy access to pickets becomes second nature, promoting a more efficient response.

Longevity of Pickets: Secured inside the apparatus, pickets are less prone to damage from shifting or impacts during transit. This extends the life of the pickets, optimizing their usefulness over time.

Make the wise choice for your firefighting crew and apparatus by mounting Poly Picket Grip-Clips inside. Experience the advantages of superior organization, increased safety, and efficiency during every response. Elevate your firefighting capabilities with Polytech America’s Vertical Hexa Picket Grip-Clip today!


Product Dimensions

8″ L x 6″ W x 1.5″ H
203.2mm L x 152.4mm W x 38.1mm H
Product Part Number: MIS-118-6-V
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