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DIMENSIONS (in inches) O.D. (Outside Dimensions) I.D. (Inside Dimensions)
A Length (sides)
B Width (ends)
C Height
D Hand Holes
E Make Box Stackable
F Engraving
Character Limit(60)
Divider Thickness (4 spaces)
Side to SideParallel with width of box
End to End Parallel with length of box
Approximate weight of this Poly-Box
0.00 lbs.
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Build your own poly box! Quickly order the exact poly-box size you need and watch as the simulated image above changes with the options you choose.

Simply enter your exact outside (O.D.) or inside (I.D.) dimensions, select desired hand holds, choose stacker tabs if you want the boxes to stack on each other, add custom dividers, and finish off your box add the engraving option. You wouldn’t want your box to mistakenly end up at one of your mutual aid departments.

Poly-Tech America’s Premium Poly-Boxes are, bar none, the best the industry has to offer. Made with military-grade poly, CNC cut and assembled with our own proprietary robotic poly welding machine. Our new Stacker Poly-Boxes™ made to your exact size helps you utilize every available square inch of compartment Space.