Cross-Lay and SpeedLay Trays
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Interested in prolonging the life of your hose? Introducing our new Speedlay / Cross-Lay tray, the perfect storage solution for keeping your hoses neat and dry. Built to withstand the demands of daily use, this tray is ideal for situations in which a firefighter will very quickly have to deploy a hose line to immediately combat a fire.

Our Cross-Lay tray features a unique design that allows for easy access to hoses, making it quick and convenient to grab the right hose when it’s needed. The tray is elevated and equipped with drying holes to ensure the hoses dry quickly and stay organized for fast deployment.

Invest in our Cross-Lay tray and experience improved efficiency, convenience, and safety in your firefighting operations. With our reliable storage solution, you can be sure that your hoses are always in the right place and ready for action when you need them most.