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The task of compartment organization can be complicated. Poly-Tech America’s line of products has been designed to make the task easy. We Design, Manufacture, and Market equipment-specific products for first responders to respond more efficiently. We care about the future of this industry, and we continue to evolve with the times.

Poly-Tech America’s duty is to produce innovative tool specific mounting solutions and organizing products to utilize every square inch of the compartment space. All of Poly-Tech America’s components are manufactured from rugged, durable, chemical-resistant, Poly material. This material is non-toxic, has a high degree of stability, and resists degradation. Unlike metal that can rust and damage your expensive equipment, Poly is a tough yet softer material that provides  a barrier against liquids, chemicals, and weather for the best protection to prolong the life of your tools and equipment.

We are a small, nimble, forward-thinking company, and it is important to us to get the ultimate satisfaction from our customers. To ensure this, all of our products have a lifetime guarantee.

Our products will add value to your fleet and facilitate a rapid response.

Build your own Poly Box!

Quickly order the exact poly-box size you need and watch as the simulated image above changes with the options you choose.

Customer Satisfaction.

Poly-Tech America, LLC will work with you from start to finish, to personally design a custom storage and/or mounting solution for your spaces, no matter how small or large. Show us your space and equipment for us to design a functioning solution specific to your needs. The end product will add value to your fleet and reduce the time to your rapid response.

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    We accept all Fire Department, Municipal, State, Military, US Government approved Purchase Orders.

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