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Fluid Container Mounts

Poly-Tech America® introduces our latest mounting and storing solutions for your fluid containers. Our patent pending Fluid Container Caddy System has been designed to help you organize, install, and protect your fluid containers like a pro. Each caddy is designed with the same height and width dimensions so you can mix, match, and install them to best fit your apparatus. Our lightweight yet durable Fluid Caddy Holders have a space saving design, ensuring both safety and utility.

  • High Strength
  • Light Weight
  • Water Proof
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Won’t Rust
  • Mounting Holes are 1 inch on center
  • Funnel like holes for fast and easy placement
  • Containers won’t roll, tip over, or bounce out
  • Spray Can Mount

Store and display all of your needed fluids such as Premix Fuel, Bar Oil, WD-40, Spray Paint, Window Cleaner, Spray Bottles, and more!

*When on scene, it is important to be organized and have quick access to what you need when you need it.*

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