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Dual-Entry Locking Storage System


Introducing our Dual Entry Locking Storage System, designed specifically for fire apparatuses. This innovative storage solution provides secure and convenient access to your equipment from both sides of the vehicle, ensuring that you can easily retrieve the tools and gear you need in any emergency situation.

Each entry point is equipped with a locking mechanism to ensure that all of your gear and tools remain safe and secure during transport and storage.

In addition to its versatile storage capabilities, this Dual Entry Locking Storage System also features a tight seal to protect your equipment from the elements. The seal is designed to keep out dust, debris, and moisture, ensuring that your gear remains clean, dry, and ready for use at all times.

Once installed, this system provides a secure and reliable storage solution that will help you stay organized and prepared for any emergency situation.

Invest in our Dual Entry Locking Storage System for your fire apparatus and experience the convenience and security of dual access storage, customized to meet your unique needs.


Product Dimensions: 24.0″L X 18.0″ W X 6.0″ H

Product Part Number: MIS-126

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