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7″ Poly-Trac


Take your stock trays and customize them easily!

Poly-Trac can be used for:

  • Partitions
  • Support
  • Outlining
  • Dividing

Poly-Trac™ provides strategic and endless opportunities for separating and dividing your compartment to fit your exact needs and allows you to work with your unique space.

Poly-Trac has an array of different heights to custom fit your job and allows for optimum security for any loose equipment. Just cut the strip to the desired lengths you need and bolt them down. Available heights from 1″ all the way to 9″

No pre-drilled holes, this allows you to drill and countersink them exactly where you need them.

Product Dimensions: 48.0″ L x1.0″ W x7.0″ H

1219.2 mm L X 25.4 mm W X 177.8 mm H

Product Part Number: TRC-107

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