About Poly-Tech America

Poly-Tech America arose from our sister company All-Tech Sign Company, which has been creating and fabricating innovative sign solutions since 1984.

In 1991 we expanded our sign company to a new location in Cheshire CT and by chance we moved next door to a fire apparatus company, operated by an award winning apparatus architect. There we began a symbiotic relationship, lettering and stripping emergency vehicles and apparatus.Our state of the art fabrication facility led to creating much more than the graphics on the apparatus. We began fabricating tool and equipment mounts, organizer trays, compartment dividers, poly storage boxes and much more fulfilling the needs of each individual apparatus.

All of Poly-Tech America’s components are made from rugged, durable, chemical resistant Poly material. This material has a high degree of stability & resists degradation. Unlike metal that can rust and damage your equipment, poly is a tough yet softer material with a barrier against liquids, chemicals, and weather for the best protection to prolong the life of your tools and equipment. We guaranty our products for the lifetime of your apparatus.

customized tray liner

customized tool mount